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     In 1989 an electric engineer founded Elsan Electric and Automation Ltd. to manufacture economical and reliable industrial automation and electric power panels related with espacialy feed and flour industries. Today, Elsan Electric and automation ltd. hat been working with fully skilled personel squads as manegement, accountancy ceo, electronic, electric and mechanical divisions into the factory laud 1200 square meters clased totaly 4800 square meters.
    The product ideas which is completely become as team work, have been supplied to the worldwide market customers by the skillfull personel who is professional an their working area as projects then respectively the products.
    Nowadays the quality is become the major creteria on customer choice.The importance of quality starts at the begining of product design and keep goes during the production,test and customer service.
    During the last 15 years history of the company is serving unlimitedly to the customers always updating the present technology accordingly with the continously changes developed worldwide technology in Turkey and abroad applications.
    Our main purpose is customer's satisfaction and rigidity that to be updated our technology simontaneously with the present world technology which is changed newly,developed accordingly with international standarts,quality and productivity.